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TFCrew Community Forums

TFCrew Community Forums

Hi all,

I'm super excited to announce that we're going to be giving away a game or piece of software each week to give back to the awesome community that is the TFCrew!

To enter the current competition, click the "competitions" tab at the top of the page and answer the simple question.
There's no need to make any posts, just have an account to enter.

All competitions run Monday to Sunday evening (11:59PM [Server time: GMT]). Winners will be contacted via a PM on the forums the following day.

Thanks everyone!
Hi all,

Our hosting provider has informed us of some upcoming maintenance affecting our service.

Please note this will involve several hours of downtime.

Comment from our provider The machine hosting your service is one of those that we will need to physically move between 10pm EDT on 5/2 and 10am EDT on 5/3, or between 10pm EDT on 5/3 and 10am EDT on 5/4. This means that during one of those two periods, we will need to turn it off (which we will instruct it to do gracefully), disconnect it, load it into a truck, drive it to other facility, place it into the new rack, connect it back up, and turn it back on.

We are splitting up this work into two days to try to keep the downtime to a minimum on each of them. The total downtime for your service as a result of the move will likely be at least a couple of hours, but less than the full 12 that we are allotting for the maintenance -- we are expressing a large window in case the move has to be delayed or takes longer than anticipated.

We'll keep you up to date on here and on Twitter. (https://twitter.com/GameShockGaming).

Thank you for your cooperation.
Hi all,

I think the issue with Steam/Twitch/Discord logins has been solved.

The issue appeared to be related to PHP not being able to validate SSL certificates causing the connection to fall over. I can't find a reason as to why a retry goes through fine.
I've fixed this issue by manually installing certificates on the webserver.

If you experience issues, please get a screenshot and post it in the "Forum Bug Reports" forum.

If you need to make an account to post, please sign up with a Username and Password, this works flawlessly.

Hi all,

I'm super excited to announce that we're releasing our forum VIP package!
The VIP package is a great (and affordable) way to contribute to our running costs.

The VIP package is available for $1/month and grants you access to these awesome benefits:

  • A warm and fuzzy feeling that you're helping
  • A shiny forum badge/purple name
  • Access to the VIP Forum
  • Have persistent message colour in the shoutbox
  • Customize your profile background (10MB file limit)
  • Add header images to your profile and forum threads (10MB file limit)
  • Extended post editing time (24 hours instead of 1)
  • Increased avatar filesize (10MB instead of 2MB)
  • Increased conversation recipient limit (25 instead of 5)
  • Increased signature limits:
    • 2000 character limit instead of 1000
    • 8 line limit instead of 4
    • 8 link limit instead of 4
    • 6 image limit instead of 2
    • 8 smilies instead of 4
    • Max text size of 6 instead of 4
That's right, all those awesome perks for just $1/month!
If you want to become awesome(er), you can upgrade your account
upload_2017-3-23_12-24-50.png ...
Welcome to the brand new TFCrew forums (v2)!

These forums serve as a place for you to talk about Team Fortress 2, seperate from the disorganisation of the TF2 subreddit.
We're super excited to see what you have to talk about and discuss.

If you have any suggestions, bug reports or comments, please post them in the respective forums. We appreciate any kind of feedback!

We've set up Steam authentication so there's no need for a password! Just login through Steam!

Once again, welcome to the new TFCrew Community Forums!


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